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Reviews-Готель Кристина


11. Igor 04 December 2012
I stayed at the hotel several times where it called “Mriya” and “Kristina”. Each time I remained satisfied with hospitality, service and attention. Lovely Women at the reception will always suggest you how fine one’s way or what transport you need. I want to congratulate on coming New Year! I wish stuff in coming year creature comforts!
Igor from Moscow.
10. Maksim 11 August 2012
I stayed at the hotel several times, service is great. It’s very comfortable hotel.
9. Sergey 05 August 2012
I booked a room, asked where could I have supper. They told me that it’s possible to eat in Night Bar. The hotel is clean, everything is cool.
8. Shane Corcoran 02 March 2012
Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you to you and all your staff for assisting and making me
comfortable during my recent stay in your hotel. They made it possible
for me to have an enjoyable vacation in your city even with my limited
ability to communicate clearly with them. I hope you and your staff
have great success in the coming years.
7. Elvira 27 February 2012
6. Elvira 27 February 2012
Excellent conditions of accommodation, cultural stuff.
5. Maksim 24 November 2011
Conveniently: booked, advised to partners. Reviews are positive. We are happy.
4. Anton 07 October 2011
There is excellent Wi-Fi.
3. Eduard 29 September 2011
It’s very nice and cozy small hotel. It is conveniently located, near the center not only by car but also even on foot. Parking. All that offer the hotel not only functions but also it gives pleasure. I advise it.
2. Peter 29 September 2011
I stayed in hotel, everything was great. Rooms are in tune with photos, friendly stuff, I recommend the rest. And prices are normal for such rooms.

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