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A sauna is so popular all over the world thanks to such healthy pleasant feelings which it gives to a person.

The Finnish sauna influences health of a person very well: improving of circulation of blood, functioning of heart, lungs, vascular system, immunity improvement.

The sauna gives relaxation and rest, feelings of abundant life.

The sauna with the Finnish electric chat allows to get maximum enjoyment. The main feature of this sauna is fast raising of temperature (to 120 degrees) and its preservation at very low humidity (less than 20%). In the Finnish sauna it isn't accepted to add water on stones which are the main source of heat. It is important to keep dryness of air during rise in the temperature.

In the sweating-room 4-5 persons can be there together.

For fans after heat and steam of sauna to feel extreme feelings, we offer a bucket- waterfall.

The sauna also is equipped with two shower cubicles. There is a comfortable relaxation room with satellite TV and a table for massage.

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