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Фонтан расположен на площади Маяковского - излюбленное место туристов

Зимняя Хортица

Самый большой остров на Днепре. Уникальный заповедник. Одно из семи чудес Украины

Вид с Хортицы

ДнепроГЭС им. Ленина

Уникальное строение 30-х годов ХХ-го века, знаменитое на весь мир.

Мост Преображенского

Вид с острова Хортица на один из мостов через Днепр

Осенняя Хортица

Вид на ДнепроГЭС

Our City

Zaporozhye is one of the largest regional cities of Ukraine. Our city associates with Lenin Avenue – the longest avenue in Europe, majestic the Dnieper and  the Island Khortitsa – Historical and Cultural Reserve, the biggest island on the river Dnieper, and, of course, DneproGES is a miracle of world architecture of the 1930th years which even now is known around the world.

The dam of DneproGES flooded nine majestic rapids which have been situated above the Island Khortitsa and essentially complicated navigation. In 1921 the city was renamed Zaporozhye because of its location beneath the Dnieper rapids. There is also the Cossacks Sich which was renewed. Today city folk and guests can visit this historical building.

Zaporozhye is one of the largest industrial centers of Ukraine. In our city there is famous Zaporozhje Automobile Building Plant “Communar” and Air-engine-building Plant “Motor Sich”. Our aircraft engines are famous all over the world.

The population of the city is over 800 000.

We are always glad to see city visitors in our hotel!

Фото: Lenin Avenue at night – the main street of the city ; Fountain of knowledge – the fountain is situated at Mayakovsky Square, it’s the most favorite place of  tourists ; Island Khortitsa in winter - the biggest island on Dnieper. Unique reserve. One of seven wonders of Ukraine ; View of the Island Khortitsa; DneproGES – Unique building of the 1930th years which is known around the world ; Bridge of Preobrazhensky - View from the island Khortitsa on one of bridges through Dnieper; the Island Khortitsa in autumn – View of the DneproGES

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